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Linroyale’s origins date back four generations of farming, but that doesn’t mean that we're stuck in the past – far from it!

The family owned business specialises in the washing, grading, packing of quality potatoes. With a sharp eye, backed by years of experience, Linroyale selects the best from each crop.

While the company retains its customer focus the in house facilities are firmly 21st century. Linroyale invests in the most modern plant and technology. 

Listening and responding to customers’ needs enables Linroyale to provide a superb level of service, backed up by quality and consistency of the best produce sourced through long-term grower relationships.

Linroyale is dedicated to innovation and adding value to the supply chain for potatoes in the United Kingdom. ​The result is the finest quality potatoes, presented in tailor made packaging, both Linroyale and own-brand.

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